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Make sure your company complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Make processes, communication, and the maintenance of your compliance program easier for everyone that works with it, or simply has to be familiar with it.

Secure GDPR helps you ensure that your organisation complies with the GDPR in an efficient manner. The requirements of the Data Protection Regulation are integrated into the Secure GDPR Requirement Library, so you can swiftly carry out a gap analysis. This allows you to immediately figure out where your organisation’s biggest gaps are and how to prioritise your work accordingly. The tool makes it easy to efficiently map out the organisation’s personal data, and quickly react to a data breach.

Secure GDPR has a dashboard which provides you with a clear view of your processes, thereby making continuous compliance an easy feat. With the inbuilt awareness quizzes and training videos, it's simple to educate your employees on GDPR, track their progress, and thereby keep track on the organisation’s overall level of awareness. Templates and quality content mean you never have to start from scratch, allowing you to get started in a short amount of time.

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The Secure GDPR Package

Our new package includes some of the same great features that the Secure ISMS package does, but with these added features:

  • Great content and templates so you never have to start from scratch
  • Registration of Data Processing Activitites
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Effective management of data breach notifications
  • A Data Protection Officer dashboard providing a clear overview of the key areas in your compliance
  • Gap analysis so you can keep an overview of your status and compliance
  • Awareness quizzes and film on personal data protection to train your employees

Try Secure ISMS & GDPR - 30 days for free

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