With neupartOne ISMS it's easy to inform your employees of what they can and cannot do, and how they can comply with the organisation's policies and rules. You can test to see if there are areas where the employees need to be better informed, and thereby ongoingly improve your organisation's level of information security.

Despite most organizations having implemented many technical information security initiatives, employees with a sharp eye are often the best protection against security threats. That is why both the ISO 27001/2 standard and the GDPR require you to educate and train your employees regularly.

With Neupart's awareness module you get an overview of which of your employees have read the awareness material you have provided them with. You will get templates and other materials that you can quickly tailor-make for your organization to test if they have understood the material.

Key Features

  • An overview showing who has read and signed the awareness material
  • Videos explaining personal data protection
  • Reports in .pdf and .xlsx 
  • Certificates for employees who pass their tests
  • The possibility to include your existing awareness videos
  • The possibility to include your own policies and rules