Spend less time structuring, writing, and maintaining business continuity plans. Our ISMS BCP tool helps make sure your business continuity plans and are always up-to-date and available.

What is the value of your business continuity plans if they are not kept up-to-date, not known, or not available to the right people if, or when, a severe incident should occur?

With our ISMS BCP tool it's easy to keep your company's business continuity plans and your disaster recovery procedures up-to-date and accessible to those who'll need them on the day when things go terribly wrong.

neupartOne ISMS is delivered to you as Software as a Service or as software to install on-premise. And we have deep knowledge in the field and we also offer consultancy on BCP

Key Features in our BCP tool

  • Templates for business continuity policy, business continuity plans, and disaster recovery procedures
  • Workflow manages approvals, updates, testing, and practicing of the plans
  • Visibility and reporting on any BCP related activity, e.g. testing & practicing, updating & approvals
  • Full version control: Who did what when. Roll-back ability.
  • Role-based access permissions; based on the RACI approach
  • Manages any number and type of business continuity related document in a flexible structure reflecting your organization
  • Efficient implementation of Business Continuity Management System - BCMS - based on ISO 22301
  • Always available: Access your plans with neupartOne ISMS as a service
  • Active Directory User Management and Group Support