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ISO 27001/2 and GDPR compliance planning

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Fast track your compliance

√  More than 250 task templates for ISO 27001/2 and GDPR
√  Complete annual plan with tasks for all requirements
√  Dashboard with automatic measurement of compliance level

Sign up and receive a trial of the compliance planner, neupartOne, and check your compliance level

neupartOne - A fast track for your compliance

A better compliance overview - now!

We’ve built neupartOne for you, to make your compliance work faster and more efficient. Signing up will help you answer these questions:

  • What is the status of your current compliance work?
  • How to best move on with compliance process?
  • How to find task templates to  comply with ISO 27001/2 or GDPR?
  • How do you keep an overview of your compliance tasks
  • Who is doing what in my team? 
  • How to show progress to management?
  • When is it time to do maintenance work?
  • How do I manage internal controls?

If you have these challenges, then you are not alone. We know this from experience that spans more than 15 years with ISO 27001/2 and GDPR compliance.

Fast track your compliance
Check your compliance level

neupartOne is consultancy in a box

neupartOne has collected +100 hours of consultancy in to tasks and templates that helps you implement information security standards like ISO 27001/2 and GDPR.

We help your become compliant by giving you a full overview of all your compliance tasks. In each template we explain exactly what to do with detailed and simple to-do lists.

neupartOne automatically scopes the time spent for milestones and the final project, while documenting and visualising progress.

You can share tasks with your team and receive notifications about when it’s time to maintain your compliance.

The reporting module gives you an overview of which resources you need to finish more quickly.

We’ve made it simple for you to become compliant.


As easy as 1-2-3!

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1. Which security standards do you wish to implement?
2. What is your level of ambition for implementation of the standard(s)? 
3. In which language do you wish to receive neupartOne?
4. See your full compliance plan!

Sign up and receive a trial of the compliance planner, neupartOne, and check your compliance level

Quick and easy overview in one solution

No more information is being separated and kept in documents, files and communications channels without an overview.

Step-by-step descriptions

Templates and guides make all of your information security tasks tangible and action-oriented.

Automated role-based project planning 

With prioritised check-lists for all information security tasks with all team members, concerning what they should do and when they should do them.

Maintaining a compliance program in one compliance planning tool 

Information security is divided into a full year, monitoring progress and maintaining full control over your compliance program.

Showing and documenting results for management 

Visual reports make it easier to increase management’s insight into the information security of the company and create endorsement to the project plan.

Why should you choose neupartOne?

neupartOne is a project and program management solution that helps with implementing ISO 27001/2 and GDPR information security standards, through a full and effective compliance program overview.

Advantages of neupartOne

  • Quick and easy overview in one solution
  • Step-by-step introduction
  • Automated project planning based on roles/rights
  • Maintain your compliance by using the compliance planning tool
  • Visual reporting dashboard