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Secure ISMS Version 6.0

[fa icon="calendar"] Wednesday, 26 February 2020 / by Jakob Holm Hansen

Learn about some of the news in Secure ISMS version 6.0 


Easy import of your security documents

It is easy to import any security documents already prepared outside of Secure ISMS. Your imported documents are displayed directly in Secure ISMS and with proper versioning. For those of you who have just started using Secure ISMS this means that you save time “moving into” Secure ISMS and can continue with the work that has already been done.

Your imported documents are displayed directly in Secure ISMS


New interface

You will experience a sleeker interface in Secure ISMS 6.0. It is easier to get an overview of your ISMS, e.g. the menu is now located to the left which means easier navigation. If you use our planning tool neupartOne you will also find that there is a smoother transition between the two.

Skærmbillede 2020-02-18 kl. 15.49.31

A new interface provides a better overview


Edit and layout your reports

If you want to change the fonts, colours, graphics and images in your policy documents you can download it as Word documents, edit and share with management and others.
Edit your documents in Word with your own fonts, colors, images etc.

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Edit your documents in Word with your own fonts, colours, images etc.


Easier way of structuring your documents

With version 6.0 you also get easier and more intuitive way of structuring your documents using the drag/drop function.

You find the release log with all new features and improvements in Secure ISMS Support Forum here - for customers:

Secure ISMS 6.0 Release log (for customers only)

Experience Secure ISMS 6.0 at our next webinar:

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