Measure and test security awareness of your organisation through completely secure and controlled phishing campaigns.

Can your users be phished? Is your organization vulnerable to phishing attacks? Are your users more security aware than average? Secure ISMS Phishing gives you the answers.

With Secure ISMS Phishing you can target users, groups or groups of users in your organisation with secure phishing campaigns. The campaigns send emails that try to trick your users into visiting a fake - but secure - website where they are lured into entering sensitive information. The website is provided by Secure ISMS and hosted on your server inside your perimeter. 

Secure ISMS Phishing will tell you:

  1. How many users open your phishing mail
  2. How many users click the link in the email
  3. How many users give away information on your fake - but secure - website.

Secure ISMS Phishing will create a report detailing which users are vulnerable, so you can plan other awareness campaigns or take other measures. This product is offered as software to install on-promise. Currently it is not available as a cloud service.

Key features

  • Runs secure phishing campaigns
  • Measures how many users have clicked and entered information on secure web pages managed by Secure ISMS
  • Tracks and reports which users fell victim to the phishing scam
  • Phishing campaign library for easy re-use of email templates and secure web pages
  • Merge fields, e.g. insert real or fake name in email as recipient and sender
  • Secure and fake web page management
  • Mimic your real web page for use as a fake web page that looks and feels just like the original site
  • Multi language support: Emails and web pages in the user's preferred language
  • Support for AD groups, AD users and individual email addresses