Increase and maintain an appropriate security awareness level in your organisation. The Secure ISMS Quiz module documents and improves the security awareness of your organisation. You do no longer need to spend time writing quizzes for testing policy knowledge, or reporting.

Security best practices as well as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliance mandates that your business practices regular security awareness training, and that your staff reads relevant policies and rules. Despite many great security technologies implemented in most businesses, having vigilant staff often turns out to be a very efficient protection toward today's advanced information security threats.

With Secure ISMS Quiz you can get a receipt every time an employee has read awareness material that you have made available to them. It saves you time by automatically gathering data on each employees performance on awareness quizzes so you get a better understanding of your organisations overall security awareness level.

Key Features

  • Questionnaire pool of pre-built questions & answers on several topics
  • End user awareness certificates generated on custom quiz pass threshold levels
  • Email-reminders for awareness quizzes and and policy acknowledgements
  • Reporting and spreadsheet result export
  • Random question selection from pool
  • Design the flow of your awareness programs
  • Include your current security awareness training videos (.mov or .mp4)
  • Automated inclusion of selected elements from your policies (with the Policy)
  • Automated inclusion of selected elements from your Business Continuity Plans (with the BPC)
  • Policy Agreement tool with an I-have-read-attestation (with the Policy module)
  • Active Directory Users and Group Support
  • Part of the Secure ISMS package