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Neupart Management Team

Lars Neupart, Founder and CEO

Lars Neupart is the founder and CEO of Neupart A/S, the leading IT GRC management solution company. He also serves on the boards of Secunia, a fast growing IT security company, and DI ITEK, an IT Business Association, in which more than 150 well known international and Danish companies are members. He is an appointed member of the IT security committee of the Confederation of the Danish Industries. Lars has served as an elected board member of the Danish ISACA chapter, and was also a founding member of the ISSA Nordic chapter.

Prior to founding Neupart A/S, Lars worked with Ericsson, Dataco, Case and Olicom (acquired by Intel) and was a founder of IT security firm Vigilante.com, Inc.

Lars Neupart is a recognized information security expert with nearly a decade of corporate leadership experience. Over the years, he has been instrumental in defining, developing and delivering information security products and services that have helped a number of international businesses in various industry sectors.

His expertise includes information security strategies, risk management, compliance management, cloud security and international standards such as ISO2700x, PCI, Cobit etc.

Bo Nørgaard, Chief Technology Officer

After receiving a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from Copenhagen University College of Engineering in the early 1990's, Bo Nørgaard co-founded RDI, a Danish software development and consulting firm, offering consulting for businesses and consumer application bundles. In 1994, he co-founded Winet, on of the first commercial full service Internet Service Providers, which specialized in building custom Internet solutions, including hosting, mail and connectivity services. Subsequently, Mr. Nørgaard worked with Fourth Dimension International Inc., building an environmental management information system for major clients in Denmark and USA; and with Psion and Motorola, building a secure communication protocol for use in police cars in Denmark. Recently, Bo served as a professional white-hat hacker at Vigilante (www.vigilante.com) and was the lead developer through the first three version of their SecureScan product.

Concurrent with his consulting and engineering career, Mr. Nørgaard has acted in a teaching capacity, beginning in 1991, while working at the Copenhagen University College of Engineering, where he taught Microelectronics Programmable Logic Design (PLD), a specialized circuit design discipline. Starting in 1995, Bo worked with National Theatre School of Denmark, teaching technicians to take advantage of advances in computing, hardware design, communications and networking. He has served as a lecturer at numerous technical events. As CTO at Neupart, Mr. Nørgaard fosters a love of technology and knowledge-sharing, developed over the course of 20+ years spent matching leading technologies to diverse client needs.

Board of Directors

Stig Bøgh Karlsen, Chairman of the Board

Stig Bøgh KarlsenMr Karlsen is Chairman of NOKA, a venture company engaged in shaping venture development in Denmark.

For many years in the early part of his career, Mr Karlsen served as CEO of Magasin du Nord, a leading Scandinavian Department Store Group. He joined the AEGIS Group in 1992 and developed the activities of CARAT in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, so that it became the leading media buying and planning company in the area. In 1996 he moved to New York as head of strategy to build up Carat in North America. In the course of his time there Carat acquired 7 regional companies in USA and Canada to form Carat North America, which is now one of the leading media-buying and planning companies in the region. He handed over to a US management team before returning to Denmark in 2001.

Søren Truelsen, Board Member.

Investor and experienced IT Business Developer with software start-up and exit experiences.

Lars Neupart

Founder & CEO


About Neupart

Neupart, an ISO 27001 certified company, provides an all-in-one, efficient information security management system allowing organizations to automate IT Governance, Risk and Compliance management. Whether you need to manage evolving business risks or achieve continuous compliance with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, EU Data Protection Regulations, Cloud Security Alliance Control Matrix, or WLA SCS, Neupart allows you to respond effectively. More than 200 organisations worldwide are Neupart customers, including governments, utilities, banks and insurance firms, IT service providers and lotteries. Learn more


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