• Efficient information security management - ISO 27001 ISMS

    Information security management in less time

    Efficient Information Security Management tool

  • Maintain accurate overview of the real risks your organisation faces

    Spend less time on IT risk management

    Maintain a more accurate overview of the real risks your organisation faces

  • ISO 27001 Policy & Compliance

    ISO 27001 Policy & Compliance

    Close your compliance gaps in a shorter time

  • Business Continuity Planning according to ISO 22301

    Keep your business continuity plans up to date and available

    Spend less time managing your business continuity plans

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  • NHS Blod and Transplant UK - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • Christie NHS Foundation Trust UK - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • The Royal Blind School UK - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • Radley Yeldar UK - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • British Friendly UK - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • Phoenix Daisy Group UK - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • NEW Deutschland - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • Von Essen Deutschland - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • SVA Deutschland - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • BWSC - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • air greenland - SecureAware ISMS customer
  • Finanstilsynet NO - SecureAware ISMS customer

Learn about the ISO 27001 standard

ISO 27001 is an international standard that outlines demands for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Since organisations are all different an ISMS is always tailored to handle the organisations specific security needs. Learn more

White papers:

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Measuring ISO 27001 ISMS efficiency with KPIs

How we help

Neupart provides SecureAware ISMS, a cloud service that makes it simpler to manage risk and information security requirements in organisations.

Unlike the classic consulting firms working with an office package, we offer a tool to automate information security management processes, allowing companies to comply with best practices and manage business risks more efficiently.

More than 200 organisations worldwide are Neupart customers, including governments, utilities, finansial services, and IT service providers. Learn more

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